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General business terms

For the haven language school, Bremerhaven

I. Purview

These  terms and conditions hold true for the language services of the haven language school in Germany. Language courses for further education of  private individuals and corporate customers are provided. The services are exclusively performed on the basis of these general business terms. Demands of the customers that depart from the common terms are not acknowledged except where the application of particular requirements are explicitly approved in written form.

In case of an amendment of these general business terms a notice to the customers will be made with the opportunity to enter an objection within six weeks upon receipt of the notice of change in written form. Does no corresponding objection take place, the customer opt in with the amended general business terms. Together with the notice of change an explanatory evidence will be made.

II. application, prices, payment

Unless you have enroled on the internet under www.haven-languageschool.com, please address your application by mail, telefax or email to the

owner Silke Germershausen
Max-Dietrich-Str. 13
D-27570 Bremerhaven
telephone: +49. 170.324 65 96
telefax: +49.471.200275 

Please learn the current course fees from the homepage under www.haven-language-school.com. The stated prices contain the legal value added tax. Prices for individual lessons can be inquired directly.

Please accomplish the money transfer to the following account:

haven language school
Silke Germershausen
bank: Postbank
bank code number: 200 100 20
account number: 113 032 200
IBAN: DE53 2001 0020 0113 0322 00

III. Cancellation, fail to appear

The application for all language courses is mandatory. You will get a confirmation for every application via email or at special request via telefax or letter mail.

You have the opportunity to cancel your application till the day of the event in written form. Your cancellation will be confirmed in written form by the haven language school.

Is the cancellation carried out within 45 days before the beginning of the course, an administrative charge of € 10,00 accrues. Does the cancellation only amount to 30 days, an administrative fee of € 15,00 is charged. A cancellation at a subsequent date is possible on the following terms:

cancellation deadline (payable expense)
up to 14 days before the beginning of the course (30 % of the course fee)
up to 7 days before the beginnning of the course (50 % of the course fee)
up to 24 hours before the beginning of the course (90 % of the course fee)
less than 24 hours before the beginning of the course (100 % of the course fee)

You have the opportunity to declare a participant who replaces you up to 24 hours before the beginning of the course. Such a change of reservation will be undertaken without the reckoning of additional charges.

If you do not participate in the course without either having made a letter of refusal or a cancellation within a particular timeframe or the registration of a participant who replaces you has taken place, the payment of the course fee is due in full.

If you stay away from lessons or if you do not participate in the lessons anymore at all, there is no claim for refund of the course fee, not even partially. Should a continuation of the booked course verifiably not be possible for reasons of health, a time credit can be given for the remaining hours of lessons on presentation of a medical report. Missed lessons can be fetched at a later course within 12 months.

IV. One-to-one tuition, lessons as a pair

For this kind of lessons special agreements can be made. Please learn the expense on the internet or inquire about prices for special lessons directly. These appointments have to be cancelled 24 hours prior to the arranged lessons.  Then only the actually accomplished lessons will be charged.  A refusal in written form via telefax or via email to info(at)haven-laguage-school.com is required.

V. Private booking of groups and bookings for at least 3 participants within the framework of company teaching

Special agreements will be made for this individual group teaching.  Course content, course length, prices, possibilities of cancellation etc. will be recorded in a contract in writing.

VI. Alteration of course, cancellation, refusal respectively a failure of teaching units

In specific cases courses or individual lessons can be cancelled. Such a refusal can take place in some circumstances at a poor attendance or absence due to illness of a teacher, act of nature beyond control or a similar reason. In such a case the haven language school will try to inform you as soon as possible about the necessary change or cancellation. If feasible, the lessons will be caught up. In the event of poor attendance the haven language school endeavours to offer another solution in consultation with the participants.

For example, such a solution could be found in the form of an altered course length, course fee or something similar. However, there is no legal entitlement for a solution of that kind for both parties.  Unless the lessons can fetched later or no deviant solution can be found , no course fee will be charged respectively already made payments will be refunded. Ulterior claims are excluded.

VII. Copyright

Work material which is allocated within the lessons is protected by copyright and it is not allowed to be reproduced, neither completely nor partially, without declaration of consent by the haven language school.

VIII. Data privacy

Data submitted are stored at the EDP facility. A usage for promotional purposes can be objected at any time.

IX. Termination

A termination for cause , for example a long-lasting disease which does not enable the participation at the booked course is possible at any time and must be given in writing.

X. Place of fulfilment/ place of jurisdiction

Place of fulfilment and place of jurisdiction is Bremerhaven. The German legislation is applied.

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