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Bremerhaven – The "maritime city" at the seaside

With almost 115.000 inhabitants Bremerhaven is the sole big city right beside the North Sea and it ranks among the largest European port cities. The city has unique leisure time facilites in a maritime environment at its disposal.

Apart from a modern vivid city centre at the adjacent Weser dyke the "Havenwelten" are the most popular starting point for organising your leisure activities. There you can find attractions such as the Deutsche Auswandererhaus (museum of emigrants), the Klimahaus Bremerhaven (house or actually museum of climate), the German Maritime Museum and much more. The great thing about Bremerhaven is that everything is reachable really quickly and therefore even a short stay at the haven language school will let you experience a lot.

Additionally to the cultural offer of the maritime city you have various leisure time possibilites at hand. Whether swimming, kitesurfing, cycling tours, harbour tours, boat trips or climbing courses, just harness what is fun for you. We would like to support you with your choice and organisation.

A comprehensive overview of all facilities, all sights and all things to know as well as the current events of the city Bremerhaven will be given to you by the internet presence www.bremerhaven.de


"Regardless of whether a degree course, profession or leisure time, a common language facilitates everything."


"I like the idea of having lessons combined with activities"

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